Community Involvement

Sandhurst Group - Supporting Our Communities

Community Support

Sandhurst Group supports communities across Canada through donations, bursaries, and charitable programs. Internationally, we have supported community development, relief, and education projects.

We are proud to support the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and Tim Hortons Camp Day through our multiple Tim Hortons locations throughout the Metro Vancouver area of British Columbia.

We have provided support to the United Way, the Rotary Club of Vancouver Fraserview, and Canada India Education Society (CIES), Education Without Borders, MEDA, and the Dhahan Prize.


Bursary Program

In 1991 we launched our first bursary program for high school graduates. We have since granted bursaries to students from the following schools: North Surrey Secondary School, Garibaldi Secondary School, Thomas Haney Secondary School, and Elgin Park Secondary School. We have continued with our bursary programs throughout the years, and currently award one student from Thomas Haney Secondary School and one student from Garibaldi Secondary School with a bursary each year. Students that demonstrate financial need, academic achievement, plans to attend post-secondary education, and volunteer or community involvement are eligible to apply.


Bursary Recipients

2015 – Ashley Desautels from Garibaldi; Erhardt Jansen van Rensburg from Thomas Haney

2014 – Diane Bowlby from Garibaldi; Miranda Tymoschuk from Thomas Haney

2013 – Mackenzie Baker from Garibaldi; Kaitlyn Clack from Thomas Haney

2012 – Bryce Labelle from Garibaldi; Joanna Bragiel from Thomas Haney

2011 – Cassidy Nendick from Garibaldi; Daniel Molendijk from Thomas Haney

2010 – Alexander Cattle-Lepine from Garibaldi; Jessica Letts from Thomas Haney

2009 – Katrina Huberman from Garibaldi; Jill Irving from Thomas Haney

2008 – Jennifer Morrice from Garibaldi; Cassandra Tracy from Thomas Haney

2007 – Jennifer Klimchuk from Garibaldi; Kimberly Dick from Thomas Haney

2006 – Jessica Kappel from Garibaldi; Julie Parfitt from Thomas Haney

2005 – Ashley Henis from Garibaldi;  Stacie Axton from Thomas Haney